About Us

About Us


At ATPRO, we believe in a multidisciplinary team approach to your care – care that doesn't stop the moment you leave our offices. Since we are a local prosthetic and orthotic company, we can closely assist acute care and rehabilitative hospitals in helping to reduce your length of stay.

Our team of practitioners has earned ABC credentials and certification, as well as New Jersey state licensure. Training and education are continuously obtained via advanced coursework, seminars and conferences. As a result, we focus on utilizing innovative cutting-edge design principles and the most advance materials available – allowing us to provide the best product and heathcare service possible.

You'll find we are compassionate and knowledgeable professionals who pride ourselves on providing you with quality products and workmanship.

We are experienced in managing a wide variety of amputation levels including: partial-foot, below-knee, above-knee, below-elbow and above-elbow. Depending upon a patient's specific activity level, state-of-the-art componentry and technology such as myoelectrics, carbon graphite dynamic feet, elevated vacuum socket suspension and microprocessor knee units will be incorporated into the prosthetic design.

We also design, fabricate and fit a full spectrum of custom and off-the-shelf orthotic-type braces. Certain types of these devices will help address biomechanical deficiencies, while other types will address: joint and spine deformities, ligament injuries, diabetes, neuromuscular deficiencies and musculoskeletal disorders.

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